Purpose & Objectives

Able Home is a 2500 square foot residence constructed in 1999 in Saluda County, South Carolina.  It was built as a personal residence and as a showcase home for demonstrating enabling technology that will allow persons with disabilities to live in a home residence with dignity and comfort.

Ablehome's Computer System

The basic structure is designed to allow flexibility of security, communication, entertainment, home control and assistive device installations as new and improved devices and systems become available.  Able Home is modeled in purpose and form after Future Home in Baltimore, Maryland, which was created by the Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME).  Able Home will remain a privately owned and occupied residence but will be opened to clients under the auspices of a non-profit organization chartered in South Carolina as Enabling Technologies Associates (EnableTech). The expected cliental, as has been the case at Future Home, will be architects, builders and installers, rehabilitation specialists, physicians, advocacy groups, government representatives, foundations and other funding organizations, and individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.  Able Home is physically accessible.  It is anticipated that an increasing number of those individuals who are building new or upgrading existing homes will, in anticipation of their own aging and attendant physical problems, have an interest in Able Home.  Also designers and builders of assistive living facilities should have an interest in trading off the technology shown in Able Home for manpower and risk reduction in their commercial facilities.